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Focus On Oman Internet

Ooredoo Oman Rolls Out IoT Network as a First in the Region

Ooredoo taking steps to put Oman on the map for Internet-Of-Things!
Sultan bin Ahmed Al Wahaibi, Chief Business & Wholesale Officer at Ooredoo, said: “By 2022, low power wide-area networks will make up a major portion of the growth of IoT devices. For that, it is crucial for us to establish high calibre connectivity solutions now.”

We read: “(…) Ooredoo Oman has delivered IoT network and eco-system using LoRaWAN technology. This step is part of the company’s efforts to accelerate the SMART Government initiatives and create a highly intelligent,autonomous and efficient utility system. (…) The Low Power Long Distance network is specifically designed to meet the bandwidth needs of embedded sensors and IoT devices. (…)” Via / More: Ooredoo Oman rolls out IoT network using LoRaWAN technology and see official press release: Ooredoo Rolls Out IoT network as a First in the Region

Update: Ooredoo is further expanding its innovative portfolio with yesterday’s launch of Ooredoo Fleet Management, (...) Ooredoo’s Fleet Management service, based on a digital platform by global fleet management leader Geotab, is one of Qatar’s leading examples of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for businesses.

In Detail: About Ooredoo | About LoRa Alliance | About LoRa protocol

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Note: This was first published in early 2018 on a different blog (which has since then been removed). Added today to due to the updated news and historical value of this post.